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Our Goal: SmartAPPetite’s goal is to make it easier for everyone to find healthy, local food. We want to develop an ongoing discussion with growers, vendors, and consumers alike about how the local food system should be organized, and how our app can help in this process.

Buy Local - Eat Smart - Get Healthy

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Want to know how SmartAPP works?


1. Getting to Know You:

To make sure we provide you with helpful information, we need to get to know you first. When you sign up we'll ask you some information about your nutritional goals and other information that will allow us to personally customize the app for you.

2. Customized Food Tips:

Then, once in a while, we will send you customized tips with information about health benefits, seasonality, food preparation & storage, and availability of food near you. You can let us know when and how often you want to hear from us.

3. Healthy Recipes:

Messages will also include yummy and healthy recipes and links to other websites with healthy eating tips.

4. Local Food Map:

We'll also help you find local farmers, restaurants, and other vendores near you who carry the food items you are looking for.

5. Be a part of the discussion

We want to hear from you...what messages did you like?  What businesses do you like?  Have we missed any?  You can rate the usefulness of each message in the app, but feel free to contact us whenever you'd like with comments on how to make this app better!

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